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Best Prosoft Data Rescue Alternative – Free Download

Its interface does not provide enough information to the users for the data recovery. Its interface is informative and user-friendly. Supported File Types It supports a wide range of files.
prosoft data recovery

Best Prosoft Data Rescue Alternative – Free Download

Lost data and files are all too common, not just on a personal level but in a professional environment too. While not seldom spoken about, data loss is a major hassle and causes lots of issues, stress and may cost lots of money.

Prosoft Data Recovery

Fortunately, even when an acceptable backup solution was not in place you may still be able to recover your lost, deleted or damaged files. We have put together a list of the top data recovery software for Windows. The Free Edition also allows unlimited scanning and previewing for lost data which will help you to asses the situation and verify data recovery chances before investing any actual money.

Is Disk Drill the same as 7 Data Recovery? Now it has been premiumized to Disk Drill. Multiple Scan Options Notable file recovery features include a powerful Deep Scan feature which can dive deep into your media and recover lost files even when no partition is present or after tough data loss cases such as a formatted drive.

The Deep Scan feature is a nice compliment to the Quick Scan which very quickly detects recently deleted and lost files on your drive. These files are generally recovered rapidly exactly as they were before the deletion or data loss.

Disk Drill is capable of scanning and detecting just about any type of file on your disk which means you can recover things like videos, music, work documents and even more advanced formats.

Data Protection Disk Drill is well versed in much more than just file recovery. These features are included at no extra cost with Disk Drill and can really save the day.

Disk Drill works with Windows 10, 8, 8. Disk Drill supports most major file systems and drive types even when scanning from Windows, for example: Future support is planned for even more cool features such as Android recovery, stay tuned for the latest! Free version allows MB of data recovery at no charge.

Stellar Recovery is known for fast, clean results with a high success rate on many common file types. Advanced features are limited but Stellar Recovery does a great job at quick and easy scans for Windows while maintaining a reasonable cost and ease of use. Scan for a specific file Stellar Recovery is packed with features and options.

Notable features include Deleted File Recovery of course! There is an option to scan for a specific file or folder which is a good way to reduce the scan time in theory, in practice this feature is only ideal for reducing time sorting files. Drive recovery The software offers two Scan modes: Quick Scan and Deep Scan. During scans Stellar Recovery displays information like how much data has been scanned and how long the scan needs to complete.

After searching, a preview of retrievable files will be presented. The Pro version also includes an Image Your Hard Disk feature to permit recovery from a hard drive with bad sectors or damaged areas. Email recovery is also advertised in the Pro version. There does not appear to be support for advanced recovery cases such as RAID at this time. Supported Platforms: It runs best with Windows XP and later versions.

Free version allows to scan and preview only. Prosoft has built on 20 years of data recovery research to provide a high-quality tool that has been designed, developed, and tested in a professional data recovery lab. It has been responsible for billions of file recoveries for users around the world. File Preview The company offers a free File Finder app that will allow you to see what files the tool can recover for you.

While in FIle Finder, you can make an in-app purchase to immediately recover the files you have identified. Advanced Search Standard and professional versions of the app are available that both offer advanced recovery tools.

One of the noteworthy features is the ability to configure the tool to send email notifications of current and past scans. This lets you send a scan to multiple users for review before starting your recovery. An advanced search capability simplifies finding the files that you need to recover.

Robust File Support Another outstanding feature of this software is the ability to teach it about new file types by providing the app with a few examples.

This extends its functionality and enables it to recover any type of file that you might have on your machine. You can view your file as raw data using the new hex previewer that is part of this software package. Officially supporting Windows 7 and later. A professional-grade user interface makes it easy to precisely control your scanning options. Data Rescue 5 can recover data from many device types including the recovery of files in a RAID array.

You also can recover an unlimited amount of drives with Data Rescue 5 Professional. It is a powerful app to recover, edit and search for data on any type of media: Built with special algorithms, it can provide support even in the most complex cases of data loss. Performance This application is not intended for novice users and is best suited for a more hands-on user with technical experience.

The interface does not feel up to date and some features are a bit hard to find however the overall recovery performance with DM Disk Editor is satisfactory in many cases. Specialized feature sets make tough recovery cases possible if the proper settings are used, this can be considered another plus. Advanced features In addition to standard recovery it is possible to browse and edit recoverable files with a hex editor-type, you can even edit sectors which in severe data loss cases can be necessary for advanced users.

Lost partition recovery Automated search features are available which help with a slightly more user-friendly scan similar to some other software on our best data recovery software list. The software has the ability to search and recovery drives and partitions that have become invisible to Windows.

Disk utilities It also offers RAID reconstruction, disk imaging abilities, disk clone, and a lot more. While the heightened learning curve may be considered a problem for some users, DM Disk Editor does a great job at advanced, hard to handle cases of file recovery. The file is portable and runs after installing, installation from portable media is possible. You need to try Free version before purchasing to make sure files are present and recoverable.

MiniTool Partition Recovery Boasting its comprehensive partition recovery capabilities, MiniTool Partition Recovery can recover not only a few deleted files, but it can also salvage an entire partition. It is very easy to use for basic operation, and it is mainly focused on its partition level recovery approach, which is good for the less experienced users. There is very little learning curve with this tool which makes it a good candidate for novice users. Ease-to-use Its operational flow can be done in 3 easy steps.

First, you have to select the target disk and set the scanning range based on the data issue. Lastly, you preview the files you want to recover and place the retrieved files on another drive for storage and later use. Flexible scanning selection Partition Recovery supports the latest and the most common disk technologies such as: It has a flexible scanning selection which ranges from a full disk scan down to a specific set of parameters.

Preview Exploring partition content in advance is also possible. This function provides users the ability to identify the partition they want to recover without the need for a full scan. Ease of use does come with a few disadvantages, mainly in the lack of support for handling bad sectors when scanning. MiniTool has the ability to continuously scan partitions one after the other, but it lacks the capability of skipping the bad sector once scanning starts. Working around the window can be annoying, especially if there are important tasks to do and the scanning is taking so long.

The aforementioned gripes are the only real cons to MiniTool and thus we find it a suitable candidate on the top data recovery software list. Officially supporting Windows 10, 8, 8. Loading previous recovery results is also possible in the paid versions. Recovering files from a Windows server is only available in versions with a business license and multiple license options are available. Conclusion Data loss is one of the most troublesome problems one can have. The list we provided above offers a great starting point and even some free options!

One of the most notable contenders on the list is Disk Drill, known as 7 Data Recovery in the past, which is renowned for ease of use and powerful algorithms. We always encourage additional reading to find the best resources for data recovery, happy scanning!

Best Alternative to the Prosoft Data Rescue – iBeesoft Data Recovery

The award-winning Data Recovery Software, Data Rescue 5, can. Contact Us. Please select one of the following options: Sales. What is data recovery? This quick guide briefly goes over the.

Top 5 Data Recovery Software for Windows

Lost data and files are all too common, not just on a personal level but in a professional environment too. While not seldom spoken about, data loss is a major hassle and causes lots of issues, stress and may cost lots of money. Fortunately, even when an acceptable backup solution was not in place you may still be able to recover your lost, deleted or damaged files.

When can Data Rescue Software be Used for Data Recovery?

Data Rescue is an easy-to-use recovery software that computer users of any skill level will be able to use to recover deleted files or lost data. With software solutions for both Mac and Windows computers in addition to our recovery lab services, we can help in every recovery scenario. Data Rescue can be used in any situation that does not involve a severe physical failure of the hard drive.

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Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue for Mac is a safe and easy data. Hard Drive Recovery in a box– Works on any PC–Just Boot with CD and recover pictures, emails, work files, etcMust have 2nd drive available for recovery. The RecoverSoft Data Rescue PC Software for Windows from Prosoft is a powerful data recovery software suite for Windows. The software can be used to.

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Prosoft Data Recovery

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