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Its uncluttered interface is the opposite of intimidating. Despite its simple appeal, VideoPad enters into some fancy territory with support for degree video editing and uploading as well as the H. However, difficulties in knowing which features will or will not be available diminish our enthusiasm. Versions A free version of VideoPad is available for both Mac and PC, and targets noncommercial home users just looking to create videos for families and friends. The main difference between the free version and the trial version of VideoPad is that the trial version lets you encode freely to various formats and upload directly to social media.
nch videopad review

VideoPad Review: Good For Beginners

Hi, my name is Aleco Pors. Video editing started out as a hobby for me and has since grown into something I do professionally to complement my online writing. I spent several days playing around with VideoPad on my Windows PC and made a short demo video unedited , which you can watch here , just to get a feeling for the effects and output VideoPad has to offer. My goal in writing this VideoPad review is to let you know whether or not this program is one that you will benefit from.

Nch Videopad Review

I have not received any payment or requests from NCH Software the maker of VideoPad to create this review and have no reason to deliver anything but my honest opinion about the product. What Is VideoPad? VideoPad is a simple video editing program developed by NCH Software, a software development company founded in in Canberra, Australia. The program is geared towards the home and professional market. Is VideoPad safe? Yes, it is. I tested it on my Windows 8. Is VideoPad Free? The program is completely free for non-commercial use.

You can purchase both editions, or download the program for free. Is VideoPad for Mac? It is! VideoPad is one of the few video editors that work on both Windows and macOS.

Main interface of VideoPad 5. Development teams have to worry about designing features in a way which is both effective and intuitive: Frivolous features often come with a cost. It feels as though NCH Software, the creators of VideoPad, were aware of this common pitfall and did everything in their power to avoid it.

The UI feels clean and intuitive because the features you use the most are the easiest to find. The most critical tools you need for creating quality movies do their job admirably while providing a headache-free user-experience, which is especially impressive when you consider that the program is completely free for non-commercial use!

The UI is highly effective, but it appears as though there was very little time spent on making it look nice. Getting Started with VideoPad Please note: I tested VideoPad for Windows version 5.

The UI VideoPad follows some familiar, modern paradigms in its UI while adding a few of its own unique and welcome twists. The UI designers did a fantastic job at identifying the features of a video editor that people use most, such as making splits in the timeline, and making those features easily accessible. Moving the timeline cursor to a new location within the timeline automatically brings up a small box next to your mouse which allows you to clip at that location.

The dropdown menus which appear after right-clicking on an element seem to contain more useful options within them than I found in competing programs. It feels as though a good deal more thought was put into organizing the UI of VideoPad than was put into other programs. As a general rule of thumb, adding new elements or accessing new features brings up a pop-up window.

This design choice works better in VideoPad than in other programs due to its amazing fluidity. I found that these pop-up windows did a great job of presenting all the options and functions you need without overwhelming the user with choices. The pop-up window for editing text is simple, ugly, and highly effective. It looks outdated.

However, the ugliness of the UI has no bearing on the effectiveness of the program itself. The Effects and Transitions As a free piece of software, I was wholly expecting the effects and transitions to be fairly low-quality. There are a healthy number of usable effects in VideoPad. I expect that the average user will be able to get plenty of mileage out of the transitions in VideoPad. Recording Tools The recording tools in VideoPad worked as well as you could expect.

Rendering The rendering process in VideoPad is just as straightforward: The program presents you with just as many rendering options as the average user would ever need, and the rendering process itself is neither slow nor fast. The thing that makes exporting in VideoPad great is the long list of easily accessible output formats. VideoPad makes it very easy to upload your videos directly to the internet or burn them to a disk.

It is my understanding that these tools, which are accessible through the VideoPad UI, are just completely different programs. All of them are free for non-commercial use without a license.

Completely free for non-commercial use, VideoPad is the most cost-effective video editor on the market. If you end up enjoying the program, consider purchasing a license to help support the developers. Ease of Use: The program also operates on a relatively low amount of resources, providing a smooth and fluid user experience throughout.

Normally I would recommend Nero Video to my budget-conscious readers you can read my review of Nero Video , but I honestly feel as though VideoPad and Nero Video are comparable enough that you should just go with the free program unless you need to create videos for commercial use.

Vegas Movie Studio has an incredibly user-friendly UI while offering high-quality effects and a number of useful features. If video editing turns out to be more than a passing interest for you, the experience you gain with Vegas Movie Studio sets you up to learn the professional-level version of the program with ease. Nearly all of the video editors in the dollar range are easy to use, but none are easier than Cyberlink PowerDirector. The creators of PowerDirector spent a great deal of time and effort to create a simple and pleasant user experience for users at all levels of experience.

You can read my PowerDirector review here.

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Disclaimer: I have not received any payment or requests from NCH Software (the maker of VideoPad) to create this review and have no reason. VideoPad Video Editor (Master’s Edition) review NCH Software offers two premium video editors: the Home Edition, which only allows users. Developer: NCH Software. Operating system: Windows. VideoPad Video Editor is free for non-commercial use, and unlike some free video.

VideoPad Review

Shares Our Verdict VideoPad is a well designed video editor that puts powerful tools within reach of new users. If you’ve ever used Windows Movie Maker, you’ll get to grips with its settings in moments. For Lots of tools as your disposal Supports most video formats Against Fewer options than Lightworks VideoPad Video Editor is a beginner-friendly video editing package that makes an ideal replacement for the defunct Windows Movie Maker. VideoPad Video Editor Where to download:

User experience

Hi, my name is Aleco Pors. Video editing started out as a hobby for me and has since grown into something I do professionally to complement my online writing. I spent several days playing around with VideoPad on my Windows PC and made a short demo video unedited , which you can watch here , just to get a feeling for the effects and output VideoPad has to offer.

Watch: Video Editing Software. Free Download. Easy Movie Editor.

VideoPad Review: Good For Beginners We reached out to NCH Software, the company that makes VideoPad, and will update this review. Award-winning VideoPad Video Editing Software has all the features you need to make a quality movie. Easily edit videos, add effects/audio and share with. NCH has over 80 software products with hundreds of awards from reputable reviewers, including VideoPad Video Editor Review from Gizmo’s Freeware.

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Nch Videopad Review

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