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WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files

See also: WinRAR versions before 5. The RAR5 file format increased the maximum dictionary size to 1 GiB; 11 different compression directory sizes from 1 MiB to 1 GiB are available, with the default in version 5 increased from 4 MiB to 32 MiB, typically improving compression ratio. AES encryption , when used, was increased from to bit.
latest version of winrar

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File and total progress bar is displayed when unpacking tar. Previously only the total progress was displayed properly for tar. Neither file nor total progress was displayed for tar. Added support for one more variation of TAR format archives. Bugs fixed: Version 5. Command line -tsp switch can be used to preserve the original last access time of archiving files.

Latest Version Of Winrar

It can be combined with other -ts switches, like: It is allowed to combine several modifiers in the same -ts switch. For example, we can use -tscap instead -tsc -tsa -tsp.

WinRAR can read default values of command line switches from rar. This file includes strings in following format: For example: Some switches can be applicable both in shell and in command line modes. Previously this rar. It has a practical value only if placed to rar. Previously “Test” command failed to check integrity of archived NTFS alternate data streams and issued “Unknown data header format” warning if size of such stream exceeded 16 MB.

This limitation is removed now. Archive comment window: It is displayed comletely now. Maximum path length for files in 7z archives is increased up to characters. While such lengthy paths were already supported for RAR and ZIP formats, previous versions limited the path length to characters for 7z archives. If archive or file name is too lengthy to fit to archiving or extraction progress window, it is truncated.

Previously such names were truncated at the end, making the file extension invisible. This version truncates them removing the path component and symbols in the middle, but preserving beginning of file name and file extension. If files selected for archiving differ only by extension, a proposed archive name is based on their name part.

For example, archiving dialog will propose Readme. Previous versions always generated the archive name based on parent folder name for several selected files. Previous versions displayed a proper type for such records only in. Copying and pasting files from large archives could fail if extraction took a lot of time. This version can paste files from such archives as well, but we have to start extraction already on “Copy” command and not on “Paste” to achieve this.

While previously WinRAR could create arc. Previously it changed only the file list font. These are some CPUs from early s; c WinRAR failed to create archives after dragging files with right mouse button in Windows shell, dropping them to another folder, selecting “Add to archive Corrupt ZIP archive processing: It is done to prevent unexpected hard drive space usage.

In previous versions it could take several seconds until list command stopped. So executables attempting to access other archived files in current folder could fail to work; i WinRAR could be inaccessible for few seconds after closing an archived file opened in internal viewer in Windows 10; j dragging a file to subfolder of ZIP archive with “Store full paths” option enabled produced invalid pathnames consisting of repeated subfolder name.

Previously it was possible for modification time only. Command line -ta, -tb, -tn, -to switches accept ‘m’, ‘c’ and ‘a’ modifiers after the switch name.

So file time conditions can include not only the file modification time as in previous versions, but also creation and last access time. Such switch can include multiple modifiers to set the same date for all specified times. For example, -tamc will process files modified and created after New ‘o’ modifier permits to switch from AND to OR logic, so -tamco includes files modified or created after It is also allowed to specify several time filtering switches with different dates in the same command line, like: Switches -tb and -to exclude such files.

WinRAR file list can display creation and last access file times if they are available. Creation and last access columns are disabled by default and can be enabled in “Select file list columns” dialog. You can switch between archive names in filename. You can create a separate archive for every file in selected subfolders or store the entire contents of every selected folder in separate archive depending on the state of “Archives in subfolders” option.

It creates a separate folder for files unpacked from each archive, but unlike already existing -ad switch, it creates such folders in each archive folder. If context menu “Extract each archive to separate folder” is applied to archives from different folders in Windows Explorer “Search results”, subfolders with unpacked files are created in each archive folder. Previous versions created them all in a folder of right clicked archive. If this option is on, file sizes are always displayed in bytes.

If it is off, sizes are rounded up and use units such as KB or MB. Smaller files can be still displayed in bytes. Previously this switch was processed by first finished copy. Read and write buffer size is increased for. It can help to improve. If “Delete archive” option in extraction dialog is applied to set of ZIP volumes with. Previously only. If we unpack arcname. Previously this context menu command attempted to create a folder with same name as already existing file and failed.

If we pack a shortcut file with. Previous versions added. Total extraction progress is displayed for 7z multivolume archives. Accuracy of 7z total extraction progress is improved. Additionally to already existing choices, it includes a new “Selected items” option restricting search to files and folders selected in WinRAR file list. Use -isnd to turn sound notifications on and -isnd- to turn them off.

DLL library. Aforementioned vulnerability makes possible to create files in arbitrary folders inside or outside of destination folder when unpacking ACE archives. DLL had not been updated since and we do not have access to its source code. We are thankful to Check Point Software Technologies for reporting this issue. While it did not affect extraction, WinRAR displayed a wrong volume number for such volumes; g fixed a crash when reading a comment from a corrupt RAR file; h toolbar in “Find” command “Search results” window was not adjusted to different toolbar icon sizes properly.

In such case previous versions ignored “Delete archive” even if WinRAR was able to locate the first volume and process the volume set from beginning. Compression ratio bar is not displayed on “Archive” page of Explorer file properties for archives with encrypted file names. We updated WinRAR graphics. We are grateful to http: Previous WinRAR icons are available as interface theme here: Now it can detect deletions and insertions of unlimited size also as shuffled data including data taken from several recovery record protected archives and merged into a single file in arbitrary order.

Use -ioff or -ioff1 command line switch to turn PC off, -ioff2 to hibernate and -ioff3 to sleep your PC after completing an operation. Normally Windows Explorer context menu contains only extraction commands if single archive has been right clicked. SFX module “SetupCode” command accepts an optional integer parameter allowing to control mapping of setup program and SFX own error codes.

It can be used with “t” command to issue a message also in case of successful archive test result. Without this switch “t” command completes silently if no errors are found. This switch is applicable only to WinRAR. If a wrong password is entered when unpacking an encrypted file in ZIP archive, WinRAR proposes to enter a valid password for same file again instead of aborting extraction.

If a wrong password is entered when opening or unpacking RAR archive with encrypted file names, WinRAR proposes to enter a valid password again instead of aborting the operation.

Previous versions already did so for RAR archives with encrypted file data, but aborted for archives with file name encryption. In this case WinRAR will attempt the list of archiving files from ‘filelist’ file, which should be the plain text, one file name per line.

Info dialog: Full archive name is displayed if mouse pointer is placed over an archive name in the operation progress window. It can be useful if archive name is lengthy and does not fit to available window space. If -ts1 switch is used with -u or -f, file time comparison is performed with 1 second precision. Previosuly in such case we could wrongly treat an adding file as newer than archived just because we compared the high precision adding file time against the low precision archived file time.

Previously they created a temporary archive before quitting when updating archives with recovery record or quick open information. It is done to prevent creating many thousands of volumes in case of wrongly entered volume size. WinRAR uses megabytes instead of bytes as default units for volume size field in the archiving dialog. Previously such message was issued only by “Test” command and “Repair” handled most of recovery record damages silently.

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File and total progress bar is displayed when unpacking tar. Previously only the total progress was displayed properly for tar. Neither file nor total progress was displayed for tar.

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Command line -tsp switch can be used to preserve the original last access time of archiving files. It can be combined with other -ts switches, like:

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Latest Version Of Winrar

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