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The software program knows what is eating into your iPhone storage and easily detects documents hogging space during the scanning process. Based on the version of iOS your device is sporting, the device type and your general usage patterns, the tool would smartly locate and list down junk files. The tool also helps clear unused applications and discards large video files that you may not need. A backup of the videos and photos removed are saved in your computer so that you could recover them in the future. Author’s review Free up iPhone space, clean junk files, delete large files, remove apps and compress photos.
imyphone umate pro

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Author activatorscrack 0 iMyFone Umate Pro 5. Its main operation is to secure your privacy with IOS devices. This program provides more than 25 test technologies. These technologies help you to handle all storage space in iPhone, iPad and iPod system.

Imyphone Umate Pro

It exports your pictures to the system for further uses. You can check, choose and remove all undesired pictures within a click. You can remove all unseen files, cookies, and crash logs. The user removes temporarily installed and defective files.

You can delete camera roll, pictures stream, and picture library cache etc. You can scan and search all big files such as videos which required more space.

It exports special videos to the system for back up. You can also see and choose the remove files with back up for actual files. You can remove all unused programs with the help of a single click. The users can choose and uninstall the applications to maintain the system peace. You can make your system speed as it is a new one. It provides you lifetime upgrade for your system maintenance.

The interface of this program is intuitive to make its uses simple. Furthermore, iMyFone Umate Crack offers technical support to control junk files. This program tells you what is remaining in your system and which required scanning. The erasing functions offer four use full options.

You can use to erase all data, erase deleted files, erase private data and erase permanent data. This software scans your I Device. Auto backup provides caution in a situation you required part of data. Selectively deletion helps you to retain the important data and remove superfluous files. It also deletes call history, browsing history, whats app and we chat data permanently. Uses of iMyFone Umate Pro: It is used to clean up and make free space for iPhone, iPod, and iPad etc.

Users used it to remove all useless files to enhance the speed of the iPhone. You can also use it to remove all the extra pictures for free space. Arrange effectively big files and applications. The latest released version of this software is iMyFone Umate Pro 5.

It contains the support for its old features.

Publisher’s Description

Protect Your Personal information With iMyfone Umate Pro Deleted information still remains on the device’s memory and can be recovered with. iMyFone Umate Pro download page. Download iMyfone-iphone-data- free. iMyFone Umate Pro Size: Mb. Download iMyFone Umate Pro. iMyFone Umate Pro is a practical cleanup application that makes it easy to free up storage space on your iOS.

iMyFone Umate Pro

Author activatorscrack 0 iMyFone Umate Pro 5. Its main operation is to secure your privacy with IOS devices. This program provides more than 25 test technologies.

Make Your Old Apple Device Run Like New Again

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iMyFone Umate Pro Crack is a comprehensive solution for making free space. Its main operation is to secure your privacy with IOS devices. iMyFone Umate Pro can erase iOS data permanently for privacy reasons. Download iMyfone Umate Pro for free. iMyfone Umate Pro – This tool helps you permanently erase all of your private data from.

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Imyphone Umate Pro

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