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What are you talking about… Already used? Musa Garba 29 de dezembro de – O que devo fazer? Quero desinstalar.
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What are you talking about… Already used? Musa Garba 29 de dezembro de – O que devo fazer? Quero desinstalar. Agora, estou usando o Spark. One way or another, Internet Explorer is still the most widely used browser on the market and has just reached its ninth version.

Free Download Internet Exporer

After many announcements and a huge expectation created around its launch, IE9 comes packed with news to regain its lost popularity. The recently released version of the browser brings all the features promised by Microsoft and shows that Microsoft has done its homework and listened to user complaints, correcting one of its biggest problems: Thus, Internet Explorer 9 comes much faster than its previous versions. Please note: If you are a user of these systems, it is recommended that you continue to use IE8.

For users of bit version of Windows 7, the download is available at this link: For bit versions of Windows Vista, the download is available at this link: For users of bit version of Windows Vista, the download is available at this link: Renewed Look One of the main reasons why users left the official Windows browser was its old-fashioned, heavy look.

In times of lean design and very clean, IE insisted on an outdated formula. But now, the new Internet Explorer features a redesigned and much cleaner interface, adopting a trend that other browsers have been following for some time. The difference from the previous version is noticeable the first time you open the program: This restructuring is an attempt to eliminate one of the browser’s biggest problems: With few objects to load, the application does not require so much from the computer at startup time.

Another change was in the position of the action buttons, such as “Favorites” and “Settings”, which were relocated to the far edge of the screen. The same thing happened with the address bar, which is now next to the tabs at the top of the page.

These changes eliminate a large portion of unused spaces in the interface, which increases the viewing area of your pages. Plus, because all icons are so discreet, you stay focused only on what really matters.

Integration with Windows 7 However, it’s not just the look that Internet Explorer brings news. The browser also gained new functionality, especially for those using Windows 7 and missed a greater integration between the browser and the operating system.

If that’s your case, you can start celebrating. Internet Explorer 9 has a system that allows you to pin favorite web services and websites directly to the Windows Taskbar, just as with programs. This gives you easy access to the pages you visit the most. This integration between operating system and browser was only possible by incorporating HTML5 into the code structure.

So, just one click lets you be inside your favorite email or news service. Additionally, some sites, such as Twitter, have even greater integration with this function, allowing you to perform actions directly through the bar.

To add this news is simple. Next to the page address is a small icon with the site symbol. By dragging it, it automatically turns into a kind of button. Then all you have to do is send it to the Windows 7 Taskbar to make it a quick shortcut.

In addition, you have the ability to list shortcuts. If you have your browser pinned to the Taskbar, right-clicking its icon displays shortcuts to frequently accessed pages, as well as some browser commands. It allows you to view two browser windows side by side.

To do this, simply drag one of the open tabs to the left edge of the screen and the other to the right. Most accessed sites with each new tab Also new is the addition of a specific page for when you open a new tab. Instead of bringing in standard text or a blank screen, IE9 lists the top 10 most accessed websites in the browser, just as Chrome already does.

This way, the time it takes you to access your addresses drops dramatically. Unlike Google’s browser, Internet Explorer 9 displays a small colored bar below each thumbnail, indicating how often you go to each of those sites. This allows for better page organization and makes the click much more intuitive.

More organization in your downloads For download lovers, great news: IE9 now also has its own manager, which lists and makes your downloaded files much more organized and easy to find. The difference between this new function and what was already done by other browsers is the interface used. The Microsoft manager brings all the necessary information in a very condensed manner, but without leaving the user at hand.

This means that you view download progress much more succinctly and neatly. Plus, it really makes the management function really work. If you close your browser without downloading, rest assured that you can continue the process exactly where you left off. Technical Improvements Despite the visual and functional new features, the highlight of Internet Explorer is the improvement that the browser has received in the technical parts. These changes are Microsoft’s big bet for the application, making it much faster than its previous version.

The increase in speed has been announced since long before the release of this release. For a few months, the company has been disseminating information about the program’s engines improvement, as well as showing videos that prove this evolution.

The most significant of these was a video that featured a test with Acid3, an application suite that tests the full capabilities of the browser. In it, Internet Explorer 9 received a score of 95 on a scale that goes up to , while its previous version received only concept Canvas As a result, many pages stop loading in a truncated manner, allowing for lighter browsing. The other is the vaunted hardware acceleration, considered to be the big trend for next-generation browsers.

It works by using the computer’s graphics card to speed up element loading, making the processor free and the PC faster. In Internet Explorer, this is already in use and the difference is noticeable from the first moments of use.

If you used previous versions of the browser and hated the slowness with which elements were loaded, rest assured that this problem has been in the past. A comparison by the developer team simultaneously put two high-resolution HTML 5 videos on a netbook already equipped with Internet Explorer 9. It was found that there was minimal consumption of computer processing power.

Meanwhile, a single movie in another browser pushed the device to its extreme. In addition, Intel has already commented that its next generation Sandy Bridge architecture will integrate seamlessly with GPUs, making them faster. This would make browsers like IE9 even more turbocharged and powerful. More security Internet Explorer has always been under attack because it does not have a security system as advanced as its rivals.

With that in mind, Microsoft has released some very interesting updates on this version of the browser. Starting with native security, IE now also features privacy protection features and promises more frequent security updates. In addition, the browser has a Smartscreen filter that aims to warn the user when a link will redirect them to a questionable trust address. If you like privacy in your browsing, IE 9 now has an enhanced system for that. Tracking Protection allows you to define what personal information may be collected by third party websites.

To do this, you must enable the function and define the list of addresses to which the browser should or not share information. Graphics acceleration One of the highlights of this version of the browser is the hardware acceleration offered, which puts it ahead of its competitors.

With this, he can render a site faster and more effectively, using resources from the hardware of his computer, in this case, the graphics processor of the machine GPU. This feature allows a better use of the graphic resources of the web pages.

That is, you can watch high-resolution videos while using other computer resources or browse different pages, taking advantage of images more efficiently and without crashing, or compromising machine performance. Hardware acceleration also enables better experiences with online games running from the browser, loading screens and actions faster and with better quality.

How to install Internet Explorer 9 is installed in two steps. The first is by downloading the small installer, available by clicking the download button on this page. Once downloaded, simply run it so that the browser is actually added to your computer. In addition, after the installation is complete, the computer must be restarted to update the system and have all changes activated.

For Windows Vista users, however, you need to use a specific operating system file, which can be purchased through this link: Click here to Download! If you are using Windows Vista and are receiving an error related to having a newer version of Internet Explorer 9 installed on your computer, click here to see a resolution to the problem. Baixaki has also separated some tips for getting you started on how to use the new version of Microsoft’s browser.

Worth checking out! Our opinion about Internet Explorer 9. Internet Explorer 9 is visually beautiful and very fast, which can be considered as the best news of this new version. Regarding the functions, IE9 brings several elements that make navigation easier, such as the system of pages visited when a new tab is opened and the possibility of storing websites in the Windows 7 taskbar.

In addition, the browser brings small details that make it easy to use and even make it faster, such as repositioning the buttons on the screen and cleaning the interface. Increased HTML 5 compatibility and hardware acceleration give IE9 an incredible boost, putting it on a par with other browsers, which until the previous version were light years away at speed.

In addition, the browser itself offers ways to make it even faster by disabling some add-ons.


You are running Android Phone. Although Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 will not run on your system, you can download Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7. Download the latest version of Internet Explorer free. Internet Explorer allows you to surf the web in a whole new way, by using a new rendering. To surf websites and get information you must have an internet connection. This is not enough, you also have to make sure that you have a web.

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Review by Jerome Johnston on 09 May, Since the early ages of the Windows operating system, users could use the included Internet Explorer web browser for browsing the web. As time passed and newer versions of Windows were developed, Internet Explorer became better and better, having a better browsing speed and more features. The newest version of Windows, 7, includes the latest Internet Explorer 9, which is a true revolution in the world of web browsers. It allows surfing the web in a whole new way. As it’s included in the operating system, Internet Explorer doesn’t need installing.

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If our present version of Windows is not original and we are asked to activate Windows before we complete installation of Windows 10, the kindly enter the key Finding the Windows activation key Depending upon on how we got our Windows 10, activation uses either a new method which is the digital license or the former method which is entering a 25-character activation key. Without any of these, activation cannot continue, even the installation will not be completed.

The digital license available only in Windows 10 is a new method of activation in Windows 10 which does not require the user to enter an activation key.

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Download the latest version of Internet Explorer free. Internet Explorer allows you to surf the web in a whole new way, by using a new rendering. To surf websites and get information you must have an internet connection. This is not enough, you also have to make sure that you have a web. Here are the download links for Internet Explorer 11 for both Windows bit and Windows bit How to check system type information.

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