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Print this page Coding and designing responsive newsletters is hard Email professionals say making a custom, responsive email takes days. This article shows you how to create a custom responsive email, like the example below, in 6 short steps. We included video snippets that show the basic action.
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Coding and designing responsive newsletters is hard

Print this page Coding and designing responsive newsletters is hard Email professionals say making a custom, responsive email takes days. This article shows you how to create a custom responsive email, like the example below, in 6 short steps. We included video snippets that show the basic action. Creating a custom, responsive email in 6 quick steps. Before we start, it is important to realize that coding HTML emails is like web design Yep, back to nested tables for layout, inline styles, and a ton of hacks to solve display issues for uncooperative email clients.

Coffeecup Responsive Email Designer

Remember IE6 and 7? Compared to coding for Outlook, designing for these archaic browsers would have felt, in hindsight, like a pleasure. There is actually some good news here too. Responsive Email Designer is a revolutionary app that shields you from this complexity.

Also, RED offers more design freedom then any of the regular email editors offered by the email sending services. You can check out our theme page or watch the overview video to see some other examples. To follow along, it will be handy to have a copy of Responsive Email Designer purring on your machine, so we went ahead and compiled fully functional versions of RED for Business, specially for this tutorial!

Exporting for sending emails with our friends from Mailchimp , Campaign Monitor, etc. After you have made your first responsive email by following along, we are sure you will find the remedy that fits you best! Download successful and RED installed? Building up good the vibes? In this design, no fancy images that might or might not show, just three icons and cool styles that will bring the message across.

Alright then, let’s get started! Step 1: Drop in content elements Add headings, paragraphs, images, buttons, social icons and more. The element pane offers a large number of content components for constructing your email message. Simply click on any item, and it will be inserted into the selected column. You can also grab an element and drop it exactly where you want it. Want to move it later? Simply drag and drop to rearrange! The contents of the email are organized in rows and columns.

In the email design example above, a text element is used for the pre-header text in the first row. In the second row, we dropped an image for where the logo will be placed and included a text link that directs recipients to a web page with similar content. Rinse and repeat! The steps, especially steps 1—4, are more iterative than sequential. The examples already include a few additional rows and columns to order the content.

Some default text blocks were edited to make their intent clear email title. Also applied are a few basic styles right aligning the pre-header and online version text blocks to better organize the content. In practice you will be doing steps 1—4 a few times, with an emphasis on a specific step depending on the phase of the design. Step 4 will be emphasized when most of the core content and desired action items are in place.

Following that, the focus will be on making the design responsive, often requiring you to revisit details from the other steps. Many people believe that this page needs to be the exact same as the email—preferably auto-generated even. At CoffeeCup we have a slightly different view on this.

RED has been designed to deliver the best possible experience to the reader when it is allowed to by the email client. This principle of progressive enhancement also applies to the web page version. A web page offers more possibilities than an email, and they should be used when possible and provided the content is sufficiently similar.

What is pre-header text? A number of email clients, including Gmail and the Apple email clients, preview the first few words of the email behind or below the subject line without the email being opened. This allows the recipient to scan his emails and helps in deciding whether or not to open them. Meaningful pre-header text often increases the open rates of newsletter and sales or marketing emails.

RED has a nifty pre-header feature that allows you to specify the text that shows up independent of first words of the email. Other content elements in the example email include a Heading H1 for the email title, with an accompanying text element that reinforces or clarifies the big text. A Section Header H3 with a clarifying paragraph follows. Next comes the first of three key points. This section contains more detail and is supported by an illustrative image or icon.

Really, writing this down took more time than actually adding the content elements in RED! Dropping in the first content blocks. Step 2: Organize your content with a custom layout.

Choose a width, add rows and create columns. RED brings the power of grid-based web design to email creation. As mentioned, content is organized and aligned in rows and columns.

Rows are divided into columns that will be used to place the actual content elements. Should you use 1, 2, 3, 4 or more columns? That depends on the design and is ultimately your choice! In the example, the row that contains the logo stretches across the entire width of the available display space. Constraining the body width of an email. Various email design tips and best practices are based upon outdated facts or data.

This is one of them. Conventional wisdom teaches that the email body—the width of the constrained rows—should be around px. This piece of advice comes from a time when displays were small, Outlook was the most used email client, and mobile email reading was virtually non-existent.

Much has changed since then. Clients such as Gmail now support fluid layouts. Apple Mail, with one of the best email rendering engines, has stepped into the top 5 of most used email clients. Considering the circumstances we CoffeeCup are designing and consider it better practice, to set widths around px.

Sometimes we use even wider designs. RED will still fix pun intended the width for Outlook where fluid layouts are not supported, and, generally, only the few readers with small display settings will encounter a horizontal scroll bar. In the header row, we are using 2 columns, one for the logo and one for the text link. Columns are a great way for placing content next to each other. If elements are placed in the same column, they will stack by default. That is what we want to happen to the email title and subtitle, as well as with the section heading and intro paragraph.

These elements are placed in a two constrained rows no full-width background is needed , both with a single column and therefore, appear below each other. These columns are not divided equally; the first column the one with the icon gets a width of two out of twelve , and the text column gets the remaining width of ten.

The following example shows the structure of our layout. The red text is not part of the actual content but helps to clarify the row and column structure. The layout structure of our responsive email. The different row colors only have been applied to make them easier to distinguish.

The example is scrollable and shows a pre-header row, a header row, a row used for a further introduction of the subject, and the first feature row. Scroll down to see the feature row and columns in a darker grey color. One more thing: RED is the only email design tool that allows content to be placed outside of the body.

Some examples of this technique can be found in the themes that come with Responsive Email Designer. In the Red Lines theme, the box that contains the newsletter issue and title information, is placed outside of the body.

The Shooting Star design has an image that stretches the entire available display width, showing another interesting use of this technique. Step 3: Draft the message with the cool text editor Write your story and edit texts with ease. The Text Editor starts automatically when a text element is triple-clicked. Then simply paste your text or type your words right in the element itself.

You can select letters or words to change their appearance using intuitive controls that you are already familiar with from popular word processors.

Tweak text size, decoration such as italic or underline, and use font colors or backgrounds to create that nice attention-grabbing typographical effect that will display automatically and consistently on all email clients. Text always shows up. Sometimes they are blocked by the email client. In other occasions the recipient prefers it that way.

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CoffeeCup Forums – Create email template for local use with. Responsive Email Designer Theme Pack Looking for. Coding and designing responsive newsletters is hard Email professionals say making a custom, responsive email takes days. They would be.

These quick start templates are lightly styled to make it easy to dive in and Jul 20, 4, views Rated 5 stars by 4 people Creating Links with Responsive Site Designer Create links to files, documents, external pages, anchors, email address and phone numbers. Responsive Site Designer makes it easy to link to other pages, files, and documents.

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Responsive Email Designer Quick Start Guide. CoffeeCup Software’s Responsive Email Designer makes creating and testing sophisticated cross-platform email content a lot easier. Filter reviews by the users’ company size, role or industry to find out how CoffeeCup Responsive Email Designer works for a business like yours.

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Coffeecup Responsive Email Designer

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