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This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Jul 25, at
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Is CCleaner safe to use?

This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Jul 25, at This included fixing all students computers as well as faculty machines. Being most asked to speed up their computer and having a kind, caring heart back in the day I’ve developed a routine to use: Run Disk Cleanup while you are uploading your tools to the machine. CCleaner with everything but wipe free space checked. Then run a registry cleanup.

Cccleaner Reddit

Then go to startup and disable everything that shouldn’t be starting. Reboot 2. Use AML Free Registry cleaner to clean all the old temp and registry files out This is a bit more aggressive but always results in a speedup in itself.

Run virus scans on it. I personally use Malwarebytes and Superantispyware. They then hit many different issues and pay us a visit that’s easily solved with a reboot. This forces the system to use RAM until resources deplete, then grow the page file. Run a full system disk defrag using MyDefrag. This tool is a bit older but I noticed hard drives get the biggest boost when run. Put an SSD into that machine. Optional 2.

Add more RAM into the machine. Definitely on the cheaper side to do and will not help with booting, but once everything is loaded you get OK performance. Optional 3. Scrap the machine.

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Is it any good? I used 2 years ago maybe but then was time i just didn’t istall it after another one Windows reinstall and hadn’t any need to install CCLeaner?. No, do NOT use CCleaner. Ever since it was bought by Piriform, it now has ad/ bloatware, and sometimes malware as their update servers get hacked apparently. 1. r/CCleaner3du/nigga_in_da_hood r/CCleaner64du/citraall CCleaner touching the memory with an update that starts with the computer when I gave it no.

CCleaner’s usage on Windows has become obsolete

Replied on September 15, In reply to CreeperKing’s post on September 15, You don’t recommend changing the registry, but what do I do about all the broken registry items on my computer? Don’t they cause errors? I have several registry items on my computer for programs that I removed a long time ago. I thought that having all these broken items can cause errors and slow down your computer.

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At one time it was a go-to application for many to clean things up quickly and efficiently, recommended by many. Sadly, their programs quality went downhill substantially over the years.

Watch: New CCleaner version will compulsorily monitor your activity

After the CCleaner incident, a lot of friends and colleagues asked me a good alternative to the Piriform’s tool. From my point of view, a good. CCleaner introduced a cleaning mode named Easy Clean to make the interface simpler and Share it to your favorite blog + Facebook, Reddit; Tweet it !. Not that my PC is bloated with trash, but I like keeping my things clean.

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Cccleaner Reddit

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